Connecticut Students for a Dream focuses on empowering students and educators to destigmatize immigration status and break down barriers that exist for undocumented students in the education system.


CT NAACP is led by community members of color and provides a platform to uplift the needs and voices of those striving for racial equity, including the most vulnerable in both Greater New Haven and Bridgeport.


Sickle Cell Disease Association of America of Southern Connecticut  provides community outreach programs and direct school system support to assist clients in navigating the health system and services clients may need such as social work and psychological support.


PT Partners is a grassroots, resident-led, community organizing nonprofit, aims to rebuild community in PT Barnum Apartments, a low-income public housing development in Bridgeport.


CHEER Institute addresses racial ethnic health inequities caused by racism. CHEER partners with organizations that serve people of color to provide health education, health advocacy and training.


The Elm City Lit Fest serves the vulnerable and underserved people of color in the Greater New Haven area by providing a yearly book festival and bi-weekly podcasts highlighting books, literature, and literary artists with the purpose of enhancing literacy.


The East End NRZ Pop-Up Market and Cafe provides residents to access to healthy foods, job opportunities, and a local gathering place to build neighborhood cohesion.


Mount Aery Baptist Church ministries are grounded in the principals of social justice, equity, and fairness. They hold firm to the belief that unaddressed historical trauma leads to poor health outcomes, inequities, and barriers to care for people of color.

About SVP-CT's Race Equity Fund


Funding will assist the above organizations in further developing and strengthening their capacity to address systemic inequities and to amplify their impact upon our communities.


The Race Equity Fund, conceived in 2020 by SVP-CT, is one element of a four-part Race Equity Initiative implemented following the national movement to end racism and Covid-19 healthcare crisis. The Initiative’s other elements include a pilot program to support nonprofit leaders of color, SVP-CT Partner education regarding systemic inequities and racism in Connecticut, and advocacy on state-wide issues in racial equity.