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Building One Community

As an organization solely dedicated to the underserved immigrant population, Building One Community’s (B1C) mission is to advance the successful integration of immigrants and their families. They have found this message resonates with clients, donors, and volunteers, enabling them to do the difficult work of building community for immigrants. B1C staff involve the community in their work and continue to advance dialogue about the benefits and challenges immigrants bring to the community.

In Stamford, B1C serves as a hub where volunteers and community partner organizations can offer their experience and expertise to local immigrants in a safe, welcoming place. Through B1C, immigrants acquire the tools they need to be self-sufficient and successful, strengthening their families and the entire Stamford community in the process.

As the pandemic brought the immigrant community unprecedented challenges, B1C received an outpouring of support from neighbors wanting to help neighbors. They were able to “pivot with a purpose” to maintain their programs while launching necessary new ones.

  • Provided almost $800K in emergency food and rental assistance to over 1,300 participants.

  • Transitioned English Language Learner (ELL) Programs online to give 680 learners over 9,000 sessions of English tutoring.

  • Brought their legal services and employment skills development programs online, to the benefit of over 1,000 participants.

This represents a substantial support that would have been otherwise inaccessible to the immigrant population.

B1C uses a four-pillar approach to educate, employ, empower and engage immigrants and the broader community. They provide English Language Learning (ELL), Family and Individual Support Services, a Parent Organizing Program (POWER), Immigration Legal Services, and a Workforce Development Program directly to immigrants.

SVP Collaboration

Since March 2020, SVP has supported B1C as they underwent changes brought on by Covid-19 and through its transition to a new Executive Director and Deputy Directory. The SVP project team was able to support their educational programming and capacity building efforts during this critical time.

Currently, the SVP project team is assisting B1C with organizational development and program design in the areas of Workforce Development, Family & Individual Services, and Development/Fundraising. Lead Partner Susan Adamsen works with Christine Yang (SVP staff) and SVP Partners Paula Argosh, Chris Kunhardt, Alison James, and Anne Briggs to support the project efforts.

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