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Bridgeport Baby Bundle

A unified approach to supporting all families with very young children, Bridgeport Prospers is one of four Connecticut communities using the StriveTogether collective impact approach to improve outcomes across the cradle to career continuum for all children. Bridgeport Prospers believes that the community must work together to reduce early adversity and enhance protective factors, in order to ensure that Bridgeport children can be successful and healthy now and later in life. The Bridgeport Baby Bundle’s goal is helping all children to be healthy and developmentally on-track at age three.

The Bridgeport Baby Bundle focuses on six policy and systems levers for change:

  • Universal screenings to identify concerns related to maternal health as well as child development

  • Early intervention to support infants and toddlers who have an identified physical or mental delay, disability, special need or whose risk factors place the child at high risk for delay

  • Universal home visiting to support maternal/child health and parent development before and after birth

  • Early childhood education opportunities to enhance children’s cognitive and social development

  • Literacy development to support early learning and brain-building interactions between children and their primary caregivers.

  • Parenting supports to enhance parents’ understanding of the neuroscience of early child development.

Bridgeport Prospers is supporting a variety of specific program, policy, and system initiatives that employ these levers of change. Find their theory of change here.

The Baby Bundle is a community-designed framework and systems change model aligned with SVP’s focus on early childhood care and education. Equity-focused; centering community needs (especially the most vulnerable families); designed to be replicable to other communities in CT (and nationally); and primed for scaling and investment opportunities. An opportunity for SVP to learn through engaging deeply in a specific geography.

The SVP Project, led by Ron Clarke and Gayle Weinstein, will support the expansion of the work of the Bridgeport Prospers Baby Bundle through communications, marketing and storytelling, and by developing a cost model/framework for financing.

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