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Follow, like, and subscribe to SVP’s social media to keep updated on our work and latest news.  Links to SVP’s Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube pages are at the top right corner of the SVP website and at the bottom of our newsletters. 

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Like and follow SVP CT on Facebook

  1. Go to SVP's Connectict's Facebook Page

  2. Click Like below the Page's cover photo.

  3. Click  ...

  4. Click Follow


By Following the SVP Connecticut page, you'll see upates from SVP in your News Feed.



Add SVP CT to Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Log into LinkedIn and go to the ‘Me’ tab at the top of your LinkedIn profile

  2. Click on ‘View Profile’ and then ‘Edit Public Profile’

  3. Add Social Venture Partners Connecticut to the ‘Experience’ or ‘Volunteer’ section of your LinkedIn profile (see draft description below).  

  4. Click the edit pencil at the top right of the section related to SVP.

  5. List the title of the organization as “Social Venture Partners Connecticut

  6. Type “Social Venture Partners Connecticut” into the dialog box.

  7. Make sure you click on the correct name, not “Social Venture Partners” or “Social Venture Partners International”.

  8. If the SVP CT logo populates the dialog box, you’ve selected the correct organization.  


LinkedIn profile description template


Social Venture Partners Connecticut (SVP) is a social impact philanthropy organization that offers management consulting and capacity building services to non-profit organizations, businesses, educational institutions, and state and local government entities.  Our pro bono consulting work is helping to scale and support many leading nonprofit organizations in education and workforce development across Connecticut and fosters collaborative solutions to critical social challenges.  As social change makers, we envision a future where all people in our state have the opportunity for high quality educations and economic livelihoods with family sustainable earnings.


My current area of focus with SVP is XX  (e.g. the workforce development sector; as a member of the Partner engagement team working with X organization)

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Subscribe to SVP CT's YouTube Channel

  1. Log into Youtube (

  2. Type in ‘Social Venture Partners Connecticut’ in the search bar.

  3. You can watch any of the SVP videos on SVP's Channel without a Google account, but to subscribe to the SVP channel, you’ll need to log into YouTube using your Google Account. 

  4. Once you’re logged in, you can find a ‘Subscribe’ button under any of SVP's videos and on the channel page.

  5. When you subscribe to SVP’s channel, any new videos that we publish will be displayed in your ‘Subscriptions’ feed. 

  6. You can also receive notifications when SVP publishes new content by updating your notification preferences.

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