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Our network of almost 250 partners supports local nonprofits with donations of time and money to create access to healthcare, childcare, education, job training, and leadership opportunities for some of Connecticut’s most marginalized people.

Our involvement in The Governor’s Workforce Council is helping to transform workforce development, economic security, and race equity.

Transforming our society from unjust to equitable is no small task, which is why we employ a Systems Change approach. This involves engaging the people who will be most affected by our work in the process. From grantmaking to volunteering, we’re all about participation.

Running a nonprofit? Apply for funding, capacity building support, or work with us to change inequitable systems.

Your gift of time or money will help close the opportunity gap for Connecticut residents who are most marginalized and vulnerable.


SVP in the News


What do we get for the billions spent on job training?
Connecticut wants to know.

An article in the CT Mirror explores Connecticut's economic challenges and opportunities, discussing the Governor's Workforce Council and an approach for our future.

An interview with Michael Van Leesten who leads SVP's Race Equity Initiative. Learn more about our explicit focus on systemic change to eliminate racial inequities.